Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What is this blog about?

Hey everyone!
So excited to be starting off this exciting adventure of sharing personal, career and leadership development experiences via my blog Dreamers GetIt! I aspire to learn together, to overcome barriers and accelerate our path to achieving our dreams!
Let me be honest here with you from the very beginning, it took me quite some time to overcome all fears known and unknown towards blogging, but as I do in many instances I am jumping in and starting to learn. All feedback is welcomed!
In this first acquaintance of ours I feel I also owe you an answer on who am I? As I believe we are writing the answer of this question for each one of us with every thought, every dream, every step we take, while shaping the future, let me share who I have been so far:
I was born in a beautiful small town on the river Danube called Ruse in Bulgaria (Eastern Europe).

My family is quite a story J, which I will be happy to share in some of my future articles. However there is one key person that has dramatically influenced me and need to note– my mom.  She is one of the most incredible dreamers I have ever met! Very stubborn and quite an energy thunder she has reinvented her own life a few times- from having just a few coins to buy bread to buying a house in Las Vegas during her vacation in Florida. Not easy to live with J but a remarkable fuel to my dreams.

My childhood went in moving from place to place, changing schools every 2-3 years, making and losing friends. I believe this is helping me today a lot in quickly moving through change and connecting easily with new people, of course it is always painful to let go of familiar comfort but I already know there is a new adventure at the corner, new great friends, new exciting learnings and much more to uncover of myself.
Moved out of home at 18 years old went to University in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. Still keep the bus ticket from Ruse to Sofia J. Had a memorable 1st year – grasping what I back then felt as the sweetest thing – “freedom”, choosing for myself where to go, what to eat, which party to attend etc.
As my family was struggling to support me financially, I decided to take the wheel and looked for a summer job. Referred by a friend I ended up at my first interview ever in P&G with a few lines of Resume that another friend helped me put together. The lady that was interviewing me asked a lot of questions, but towards the end of our conversation she popped: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Oops I haven’t had thought of it before. However during the whole interview my thoughts were drifting towards how much I liked what she was doing- talking with people about what they enjoy doing, helping a business find the right person for the right job (didn’t know what HR or recruiting is J). So I spit out “Well, at your place”. Poor lady was very startled. About 5 years later I met her at the national HR conference, where I was representing the HR consulting company I was working in as a recruiter. Of course she didn’t remember me, but I re-introduced myself and thanked her- as she played a pivotal role in my professional path!
Worked for about 3 years in the very best HR consulting company in Bulgaria, being groomed as a professional in an incredible environment where quality was at pedestal, where work was not work it was a mission, clients were not simply clients, they were people in need, where colleagues were not colleagues, they were life transforming friends and coaches. Loved my time in AIMS Human Capital!
As I shared earlier, change has been entrusted in my life as normal course of things, so even when there were no external factors to move me to the next thing, I usually become anxious and felt the urge to take the lead, make a move myself. That happened about 2 years ago when I started looking for a new career challenge.
I am quite picky on the challenges I choose, so I applied only to 3 job advertisements. At  1 of them I was not the right fit, at the other the company and the job was not the right fit for me, but at the 3rd it was my dream opportunity. It was a career booster that felt like was designed just for me- with rotations at every 6 months, game changing projects across markets, international assignment, in one of the best technology leading companies in the world! That was the HR MAP program at HP an accelerated unique leadership development program for early-career HR professionals.
With each interview my desire grew stronger and stronger. I still remember when the program manger called me and shared: “Daniela we have made our choice and we would like you to join the program”. Funny or not my spontaneous answer was “Really!?”…ha ha ha lesson learnt I am certainly more reserved these days. But I got it!
Absolutely promise to share more on that adventure J
Today I am performing the role of the Europe Middle East and Africa University Talent Hiring Program Lead. Truly love my job! But actually truly love the mission I am on helping people and business make the right choices to win the dreams and goals they have.
What about you, have you uncovered your dream? Are you on the path that seems right for you?
The herein thoughts and ideas shared are solely opinions of the author.

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